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The Sinagot or Sinago is a sail powered fishing boat, typical of the village of Séné, near Vannes. Traditionally, they were used for dredging oysters and shrimps with a trawl. More rarely a purse or beam trawl net was used up to the beginning of the 20th century with fishing mostly confined to the Golfe du Morbihan

The sail arrangement of the sinagot consists of two masts each equipped with a lug sail – a ‘mizzen’ at the front (!) and a mainsail at the rear. Unlike most working boats the Sinagot did not go out to sea and the masts have no standing rigging.

If the colour of the sails of working boats varies from one region to another – and even from port to port, – the hull was always protected with coal tar

In the sixties, a few enthusiasts began to be preoccupied with the possible disappearance of these traditional working boats so representative of local maritime life and clubbed together to form an Association to save and promote them. The Association des Amis du Sinagot was thus formed in 1969

In the seventies, members of the Association initially owned and sailed the Sinagot ‘Vainqueur des Jaloux’, built in 1933.

Today Les Amis du Sinagot owns and maintains 3 Sinagots :

trois freres 1000 x 668 – ‘Les Trois Frères built in 1943, listed as a Historical Monument and restored by the Chantier duGuip in 1985.
TheMab er Guip built in 1985 and a replic of the ‘Vainqueur des Jaloux’ mab er guip
joli vent Joli Vent, built as a pleasure boat in 1958 and restored in 2009

The activities of the association Les Amis du Sinagot are centred on its ‘raison d’être’ : to transmit and relive the traditions of the Sinagots

Day trips are organised from April to October. These outings on the Golfe du Morbihan – and sometimes a little further afield enable new members to discover the pleasure of traditional sailboats.

Training days are also organised to allow potential crew to perfect handling and manoeuvres – or simply for the fun of traditional sailing.

The Association participates in local seafests such as the ‘Semaine du Golfe ‘, the ‘Grandes Régates de Port Navalo’, the ‘Bogue d’Or, the Fête de la Mer at Penerf, the Fête du Carénage ‘ at Le Logeo, the Fête des Deux Cales at Séné, the Fête des Voiles Rouges’ at Séné, etc.

To be a member means not only a possibility of sailing but also helping to look after and maintain the boats. (This is also a good means to get to know them better). – light maintenance, small repairs, careening, paintwork and detailing after professional work carried out by the Chantier du Guip on the Ile aux Moines .

The Association is also a guardian of the history of the Sinagot through the maintenance of its archives. Documents related to the history and the different methods of fishing are collected and filed, giving access to greater knowledge of the evolution and use of these boats.

The internet site enables a maximum of information to be available on line – outings, maritime meetings, events, workshops, press etc.

Details of the boats themselves are available – plans, manoeuvres, knot and ropework, sea chanties etc

All persons taking part in the activities of the association need to be members – by paying the annual fee.